A First-Hand Look at the Galoo Experience

A screenshot from the Galoo platform that shows the inside of a wooden boat that is suspended from the ceiling by ropes inside the Center for Wooden Boats. An overlay box embedded in the overall image contains the video chat images of five people viewing the boat virtually.

The present and future of spatial experiences is digital-first, and Galoo’s technology is doing its part to make that exciting and easy to use for guests and event planners alike. 

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Galoo: Accessibility & Inclusivity in the Arts


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, artists and arts and culture organizations have been specifically resourceful and creative as they continue to uplift and entertain audiences and communities through webinars, live-streamed performances, virtual classes, and virtual visual art collections, and museum tours. 

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galoo: Changing the World, One Virtual Venue at a Time


As the need for virtual spaces, global collaboration, and accessibility grows, virtual-world platforms present an increasingly exciting option that allow people to share and gather with others in a way that feels familiar to that of the physical world.

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