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20 Sep 2021

Matterport Partnership Announcement

Galoo announces its new partnership with Matterport which enables multiple benefits to clients and Galoo partners.

7 Sep 2021

Developing a Digital Strategy

For museums, digital transformation represents an opportunity to expand your space beyond its walls and grow your venue without...

9 Aug 2021

Galoo: Monetizing the Art in Museum Vaults

The issue of museum sustainability can be simplified by creating digital scans of art in storage in museum vaults and making them...

2 Aug 2021

How to Plan a Digital Fundraiser

A guide for creating an engaging, profitable fundraising gala using a digital event platform that supports your ROI.

30 Jul 2021

Introducing Galoo: Virtual and Hybrid Event Software for Unique Spaces

Founder + CEO, Niki McKay introduces the Galoo platform. Technology that provides immersive, virtual, and hybrid engagement for unique...

29 Jul 2021

How to Create Connections That Convert at Virtual Events

A detailed list of six strategies for event planners who want to create more meaningful and engaging networking opportunities at...