The Future of Museums: How Galoo’s Hybrid Event Model is Revolutionizing the Digital Experience


Museum visitors outside the Louvre in Paris, France.

In his widely-acclaimed book, The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, András Szántó showcases museum leaders and their thoughts on the untapped potential of the industry. 

According to curators and museum directors from around the world, strategic planning for the future of museums is digital, and Galoo (developed specifically with museums in mind) creates the full digital experience as well as a hybrid event model so that museums are prepared for whatever the future brings. 

“I do think the physical experience of the museum will continue to be powerful and strong. But museums will expand significantly in ways that are not just physical, but also digital and intellectual in regard to their engagement in various areas of the world.” - Max Hollein, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Strategizing ways to continue to be financially sustainable is a big push for museums that have experienced devastating returns around traditional means like ticket sales, in-person events, and gift shop sales, and it signals a need for museums to open up to different options to provide financial support for staff and collections. 

Galoo offers a new revenue stream for museums that derives from a global guest list. For museums that depend on the travel industry, it’s becoming increasingly important to open virtual avenues into collections. Galoo’s software allows humans from every corner of the globe to buy group tickets, attend a programming or educational session, host an event, donate, and even purchase merchandise. 

Financial Sustainability and How galoo Supports this Mission

Imagine the opportunity for growth and development if your doors are always open to guests. Galoo makes that wholly possible. 

Imagine people from all over the world instantly deciding to visit your museum and being able to do that from anywhere with that same kind of spontaneity.

A child engages with a digital museum exhibit.

That scenario may look something like this: Your eager guest and their party opens your website, buys tickets, and enters your museum digitally, beautifully, seamlessly, and at any time day or night—together with your docents and expert guides through any time zone. No travel is required. 

That’s the kind of financial stability and sustainability that Galoo is passionate about creating for museums.  

The Future of Connecting Humans with their Histories

"The physical museum space itself may not be the only place for experience. The museum can pop up in different places, including the digital realm and somewhere beyond the museum walls. It can be a concept, an idea, which doesn’t have to be attached to a specific site. We have to rethink the categorization between museums, festivals, biennials, and the digital world. - Mami Kataoka, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Everyone remembers what entering a hallowed space that houses all of our cultural treasures feels like: inspiration & awe. 

Galoo provides the same feeling by providing you the ability to move around the space and feel that you’re actually there. 

During the pandemic, museums opened their collections digitally to the viewing public in a big way, and while those digital experiences allowed people to see individual pieces in collections, our software creates a digital twin of the entire space.

That means that the visceral experience of visiting a museum is entirely replicated. 

Guests visiting a museum using Galoo’s software have the same goosebumps we get while in the presence of the sublime. 

That’s why humans create museums in the first place: to inspire us all  to remember the past, experience the present, and let that inform a positive future for all people. 

Accessibility & Inclusion - A New Kind of Museum Emerges

A large group of people forming the image of two characters shaking handsA large group of people forming the image of two characters shaking hands.

"Museums shape narratives that matter, so it’s no surprise young people are passionate about pushing for change. It’s time now to do better—a lot better. That means looking at ourselves honestly and fixing a whole lot about the way we work as we make authentic commitments toward equity, inclusion, access, and anti-racism.” - Anne Pasternak, Brooklyn Museum, New York

Hybrid digitization of museum spaces creates an opportunity to ensure that every person on the planet has access to humanity’s histories, art, and achievements so that our entire species evolves together. 

And isn’t that what is at the heart of curating in the first place? 

Vast economic, physical, and social boundaries prevent true equity when museums hold fast to walled spaces, and opening minds to the digitization of those spaces builds the kind of accessibility that museums were built to inspire. 

Digital spaces are the manifestation of social justice in a world that requires it more than ever before, and Galoo software is ready to meet that challenge. 

Galoo was created to open spaces up in order to share history and art with all of humanity with software that provides a new accessibility, the connections we love and create new streams of revenue. 

To get more information about Galoo and how it works, ask us or schedule a demo to see Galoo in action! We’re passionate about it!