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29 Jul 2021

How to Create Connections That Convert at Virtual Events

A detailed list of six strategies for event planners who want to create more meaningful and engaging networking opportunities at...

26 Jul 2021

Virtual Events – What About the Venues?

Galoo's creative technology offers bioptic scanned, real-world venues that are replicated online.

23 Jul 2021

Build Stronger ROI with a Hybrid Event Strategy

A discussion about how to build your return on investment through the use of new technology that creates engaging and accessible...

16 Jul 2021

Go Beyond Your Seats: Success Strategies for Event Planners

A helpful guide for event planners that presents ideas for producing programming that engages audiences through a digital platform.

18 Jun 2021

galoo: Changing the World, One Virtual Venue at a Time

How Galoo’s platform creates new streams of revenue, connectivity, and accessibility in a changing world.

6 May 2021

The Future of Museums: How Galoo’s Hybrid Event Model is Revolutionizing the Digital Experience

Museum directors agree that the future of museums is digital. Galoo’s platform makes it possible to retain and explore our cultural...