Go Beyond Your Seats: Success Strategies for Event Planners


At this point, we’ve all been part of a virtual event of some sort: a meeting, a conference, or a Zoom visit with our families and friends. 

For the most part, it’s not generally what we might call engagement. We’re just glad to have it.

Over the last year, a lot of creativity has gone into developing technology that takes these experiences to the next level, and Galoo is one of those platforms. 

But even if you have a virtual and/or hybrid event platform like Galoo, producing content that creates as much excitement for your virtual guests as their in-person counterparts is incredibly important.

Galoo’s suite of tools and features makes that easy. 

If you think beyond your seats, you’ll have them out of their seats applauding before you know it, and we’ve put together a few big ideas to help you do that. 

Be Inclusive

Nothing can move your virtual audience more than being included. The true difference between a virtual event and an engaging virtual event is nodding off vs. rapt enjoyment. 

Think about it. What’s the difference between watching a live event on TV and having an opportunity to ask a question of a rock-star speaker live in front of thousands of people? 


Smartphone filming live music event 

Smartphone filming live music event 

That’s the kind of inclusion it takes to create a virtual event in which people stay engaged and enjoy.  

Here’s a list of things to do exclusively for your virtual audience to wow them and keep them participating:

  • Provide them with the opportunity  to engage with the in-person audience and/or your speakers
  • Create polls only they fill out in real-time
  • Hire a featured artist or design an activity specifically for them 
  • Provide virtual or physical merchandise bags
  • Gamify the experience & offer prizes
  • Hold a social media contest for the most creative post about your event
  • Post quizzes for fun

Inclusivity can make every single person in your audience feel appreciated, and the world needs more of that. 

Being mindful of the accessibility and inclusivity of your programming is also incredibly important and makes your guests feel welcome and respected.

Read our blog post that digs into how to include all humans in your programming.

Make it Relevant

Zoom fatigue is a real thing, and nothing makes it worse than a virtual event that feels like a waste of your time. 

We all know what kind of useful information, engagement, and activity it takes to make an in-person guest feel that their time and money was well-spent in getting to your event, and your virtual guests should leave feeling the same way. 

Older Man with glasses using a smartphone

Older Man with glasses using a smartphone

Make sure your guests feel they’re in the right place by marketing your event with great specificity and clarity so people don’t find themselves at an event that’s not what they expected. 

And it’s all in the timing, too: research has shown that beginning a marketing campaign a week in advance of your virtual event sells 47% more tickets than those that begin their marketing efforts a month before the opening day. 

Choose a Great Platform

The foundation of a great virtual event is the platform you use to present it to your guests. It can make a big difference. It needs to be accessible, inclusive, and easy to use for both you and your guests. 

What tends to be missing from a virtual event is networking. Gone are the organic, by-chance meetings that happen in lobbies and break-out sessions at conferences and events where attendees can share information and spark casual conversation. 

But not with the Galoo platform. Galoo creates a space and puts all the attendees right there together. The private and group chat capabilities were designed specifically with the audience in mind. 

Your guests share the experience of being right there in your venue, and they can see and hear each other as well. 

Tapping someone quietly on the shoulder with a question or an introduction is as easy as a click by their name to invite them to a personal video chat. 

Just like in a break-out session, your guests can talk privately among themselves through private texts within the platform without disturbing the presentation or interrupting others. 

Woman networking with others at a conference during a lunch break

Women networking with others at a conference during a lunch break

Make It Affordable

Part of the beauty of presenting a virtual event is its accessibility for so many people who may not have ever been able to attend before. 

This allows you to offer your event to a larger audience because you’re not restricted by your venue’s capacity, your guest’s travel demands or other constraints. This creates new revenue streams for your organization.

To make sure you keep it as accessible as possible, though, it’s important to make it affordable. 

That’s part of the beauty of Galoo.

Audience inclusion and engagement has never been more affordable than the price of a Galoo subscription, which is based on the number of attendees and the amount of time they are engaged. 

This provides affordability that can scale down to a small, intimate museum gathering up to a full stadium of fans.  

People setting lanterns into the night sky during the Chinese Lantern Festival

People setting lanterns into the night sky during the Chinese Lantern Festival

If you’re brainstorming new ways to engage your virtual audience, you’re already way ahead of the game. 

The more creative you get, the more your guests will appreciate you and bring their associates to your next event. 

Building a reputation for innovation in event planning involves the virtual and hybrid experience now more than ever—and this trend will continue into the future as the internet becomes truly accessible to everyone worldwide and humans expand our use of technology. 

It’s truly an exciting time to be creating new ways to be in the world.

Sometimes, it helps to be creative when you engage with the technology for yourself. 

Our team is right here to show you a demonstration, and we’re always happy to talk about how Galoo can help you grow your audience beyond your seats through true virtual engagement.