galoo: Changing the World, One Virtual Venue at a Time

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As the need for virtual spaces, global collaboration, and accessibility grows, virtual-world platforms present an increasingly exciting option that allows people to share and gather with others in a way that feels familiar to that of the physical world.

“Virtual worlds and their potential are undeniably exciting, and organizational leaders are increasingly seeing the potential for accelerating their development,'' says Allan V. Cook, the managing director and US Digital Reality leader for Deloitte Consulting. 

“In a turbulent time, with travel and in-person gatherings uncertain or canceled outright, businesses are looking for more virtual experiences to conduct events and experiences to give many-to-many users a platform to communicate and collaborate. ” 

At Galoo, we believe that meeting the social and cultural needs of our global community through technology changes the world for the better. Galoo creates more delight, accessibility, revenue, and equity for everyone. 

We’re really working to change the world, one virtual venue at a time. 

Why We Made galoo

Between us, we have years of experience in the event industry, so when COVID-19 closed down so many options for social gatherings, we decided to use that experience to develop new technologies that could accelerate change in our industry. 

There is a tremendous opportunity to make virtual events more engaging and interactive, and when we really thought about it, we realized that what was missing in virtual events was the venue itself. So, we decided to work to bring the well-known and loved venues of the real world into the digital age. 

A lot of venues already have Matterport technology, so we thought: “why not create digital twins of real world spaces?” 

So, we did, and it’s beautiful. 

A view from inside the Center of Wooden Boats using the Galoo platform.A view from inside the Center of Wooden Boats using the Galoo platform.

We’re proud of what Galoo is able to do for venues—large and small—that can now open their doors to people who may not have ever been able to experience these gorgeous places. It’s not just the best thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. 

Vivid, Immersive UX

All of Galoo’s features create an experience that feels like you’re in the real world, and we built it that way on purpose. We wanted users to have an immersive experience that just happens to mirror real life spaces. 

Users can click into the open environment, and the software allows them to move around smoothly so that they feel like they’re actually walking through the venue. 

The user can also tilt their camera up to view the ceiling (or in any direction, 360°) just as they would in a new place in the real world. 

At Chihuly Garden and Glass, for instance, one of the many Easter eggs is the user’s ability to look up at the Seattle Space Needle that towers above the garden in real life. 

Social Connection 

Having a shared experience with other people is really what events are all about, so we created group video and chat as well as a private video and chat capabilities that allow users to meet others exactly where they are in the virtual world. 

Hybrid events (in which there are people at an event in real life while others are engaging online) allow for social distancing while still enabling a large audience, and Galoo makes them easy to produce. 

And with Galoo, the concert looks exactly like the venue. Other virtual event software creates animated digital representations, but our technology utilizes Matterport scans of the venue that generate a dynamic, digital twin so users get to see exactly what it all looks like in real life.

Other features with Galoo technology create a sense of being with friends and meeting new people who are not represented by avatars but exist as they do in any video communication software—like Google Meet or Zoom (only dynamic). Real people, real connection, in real-time. 

  • Live streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Screen Control
  • Embedded video / text / images / PDFs
  • Embedded internet content from most sources
  • Ambient audio & music
  • Completely web-based (no downloads)

All features are easily customizable. We've made it simple and clean. 

The uses for Galoo are vast and diverse, and as technology evolves, even more opportunities will arise for all kinds of spaces in the world. For now, Galoo technology allows for the creation of virtual experiences everywhere you find people gathering in a shared space: 

  • Unique venues
  • Museums
  • Attractions / Landmarks / Icons
  • Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Entertainment Venues (Theaters, Opera Houses, Arenas)
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment (Schools & Universities / Corporate)
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Training
  • Conferences

Imagination is the only real limit for Galoo, and as we continue to seek out new ways to collaborate, communicate, and even play together in a changing world, opening our minds and doors to a virtual world provides the connection we crave, the revenue streams we need, and the accessibility we deserve. 

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