A First-Hand Look at the Galoo Experience


A screenshot from the Galoo platform that shows the inside of a wooden boat that is suspended from the ceiling by ropes inside the Center for Wooden Boats. An overlay box embedded in the overall image contains the video chat images of five people viewing the boat virtually.

The present and future of spatial experiences is digital-first, and Galoo’s technology is doing its part to make that exciting and easy to use for guests and event planners alike. 

Getting a good look at how Galoo works first-hand illustrates how truly innovative and smart it is, and Neal Stimler, President of Stimler Advantage and Consulting Executive Advisor at the Balboa Park Online Collaborative did just that.

He spoke with Kathy Gerke, Galoo’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, about his thoughts regarding Galoo's platform and its positive impact on both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Kathy: Galoo offers an engaging and immersive experience for its users. How do you think Galoo will assist organizations now and in the future?

Neal: Galoo helps unique venues and spaces foster engagement and generate revenue through its hybrid digital and physical technology platform. Multiple events can take place on-demand and in real-time, and that’s a game changer. 

Kathy:  Did you find it easy to get started with Galoo? 

Neal: Yes. Galoo is a platform that you can build on with a set of readily available and producible assets. You need 3D photogrammetry scans of your retail store, restaurant, or museum, in as high a resolution as possible. 

3D scan captures can be produced on a range of equipment, from mobile devices to specialized cameras. 

If you don't have a 3D scan of your unique space, Galoo helps you produce one for your organization as part of their client services. 

Five virtual visitors viewing a digital scan of a boat dock at Center for Wooden Boats museum through the Galoo platformA screenshot from the Galoo platform showing a view down a pier in a marina outside of the Center for Wooden Boats. At the end of the pier is a wooden boat dock surrounded by water. There are boats docked all around and a large hotel is situated to the back left. An overlay box contains the video chat images of five people viewing the dock and marina virtually.

Additionally, in many cases, organizations may already have many of the assets and personnel required to mobilize quickly and efficiently in the Galoo platform to build a robust content experience, including: 

  • branding and logo assets 
  • 2D images
  • 3D models of objects or spaces
  • audio files
  • video files
  • written content
  • links to websites for other content or directly to your eCommerce site. 

These additional digital assets are the key elements that comprise your content experience on the platform wrapped up in a new package, all available through a web browser. 

Once you've uploaded your 3D spatial scan and additional content to the Galoo platform, you have the ability to customize the user experiences with your brand colors and logos and place meaningful points of interest through interactive hotspots that appear at places that you designate and populate in the 3D scan environment. 

Kathy: What makes Galoo different from other panoramic image and street view content experiences? 

Neal: Galoo provides organizations with control and customization over the content experiences within the platform. 

Sometimes, with other third-party software, an organization can be swallowed up in that company's proprietary directions and interests. 

As a result, partners and customers may feel like they don’t have the freedom and flexibility to pursue their organization's best and independent interests. That can leave mission-critical engagement and revenue-making opportunities untapped. 

Galoo is a platform of possibility that allows organizations to lead with their creative agency and resources to create meaningful experiences for customers that provide a clear return on investment for the organization.

Video of a woman DJ wearing headphones creating a virtual dance party in the digital scan of the Center of Wooden Boats museum in the Galoo platformA screenshot from the Galoo platform shows the inside of a wooden boat that is suspended from the ceiling by ropes inside the Center for Wooden Boats. An overlay box in the center of the larger image shows a screen capture from an embedded video of a woman disc jockey wearing headphones and operating sound equipment inside of a blue, smoky environment.

Galoo provides organizations with opportunities to have on-demand, self-guided, and facilitated experiences through their unique spaces tied directly to revenue-generating activities such as group tours, membership experiences, ticketed one-time programming or social events, or sponsorship opportunities. 

Self-guided content experiences enable an organization to serve customers at their convenience globally and provide an always-on customer experience earning revenue for your organization at all conceivable hours of the day. 

Self-guided experiences are powered by a digital-first content production process that scales to support extensible and large numbers of continuous asynchronous users into the thousands of participants via cloud technology. 

When integrated with links to your eCommerce solution, Galoo's platform allows you to produce  experiences to sell and provides another entry point into your digital storefront supporting additional capabilities for earned revenue.

Galoo's facilitated experiences are another key feature of the platform that makes it a fun and interactive experience. For example, a designated host can guide customers through your unique spaces in a personalized tour, convene a special occasion like a wedding or corporate event, and support online learning students from the convenience of their classroom or home. 

In addition, with Galoo's embedded live streaming video and chat features, you can have direct dialogue with customers, have live music or DJ performances, and choreograph the ideal hybrid experience for your fans, patrons, and supporters. 

With self-guided and facilitated events, Galoo is a platform with so many applications for a diverse array of organizations. Sectors that I can think of right off the top of my head also are well-suited to use Galoo’s platform are:

  • Aquariums
  • Archives
  • Conference Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Construction 
  • Galas
  • Galleries
  • Historic Sites
  • Historical Societies 
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Parks 
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants 
  • Science, Space, and Technology Centers
  • Sports Stadiums 
  • Training Facilities 
  • Wedding 
  • Zoos
  • And More!

As a holistic and unified platform, Galoo keeps engagement front and center all within one interface, so you and your customers do not have to switch between applications in order to foster focused and fun experiences. 

Kathy: Are there other important aspects of Galoo that people should know about?

Neal: Galoo is a platform that supports business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. So it has value in multiple touchpoints in an organization's conversion and sales process. 

Galoo provides greater access and provides more opportunities for organizations to serve their customers. With Galoo, you can continue to support your customers remotely as conditions change or physical service is disrupted, thereby making your organization more resilient and sustainable in the face of dynamic uncertainty. 

Galoo takes your organization beyond its current capabilities as a unique venue to become a global player. Organizations serious about their future success need to investigate and innovate their productions and services with platforms like Galoo to stay competitive in the marketplace as customers demand the acquisition and experience of products and services on their own terms through digital and hybrid solutions. 

Kathy: Why should consultants and organizations partner with Galoo?

Neal: Galoo's services and products are focused on delivering a quality, impactful experience. There are important roles for consultants and other organizations to play in partnership with Galoo's solutions utilizing their strategic and tactical services. 

For platforms like Galoo to grow and thrive, they need an active ecosystem of partners to make connections to new organizations and customers who can leverage Galoo to support their organization's needs. 

I would encourage others to contact Galoo to learn more about their product and discover what benefits they bring to their colleagues and customers. 

Kathy: How does Galoo provide value?

Neal: Galoo is a platform intended to be competitively priced so that it can be a part of an organization's suite of digital and hybrid engagement platforms. Pricing scales with other software as a service (SaaS) models:  with the level of access and service you decide to provide based on customer demand. 

Your organization can cover the operating costs of a Galoo subscription if you build the capacity to earn revenue through compelling content from your organization. 

Leveraging Galoo's tools is the organization's responsibility, but Galoo and other solution providers can help customers in their journey to be best positioned for success. 

Kathy: Thank you, Neal, for sharing your observations about Galoo. 

Neal: It was my pleasure! I appreciated the opportunity to experience Galoo. 

I look forward to seeing it at all my favorite venues. 

If you’d like to experience Galoo and allow us to show you exactly why we’re so excited about offering it to the world, we’d love to hear from you. 

Learn more about Galoo and contact us. We’d love to set up a demo for you and your organization.